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  • Do You Have a Plan to Handle a Crisis?

    Crisis will find you in the business world. Are you ready? I am not talking about a disaster recovery plan put together by your IT team. I am talking about a communication plan. A general plan of how you want to be perceived by your customers, prospects, and the general public during a time of […]

  • Reducing Customer Attrition – A Strategy that Works

    All businesses strive to achieve what is defined as “Customer Success”. To understand this topic, we must first address what Customer Success is and what it is not. Customer Success is not customer service or customer support.   Customer service/support roles are in place to merely react to a client’s immediate issue. It is the […]

  • Are You Prepared for the Growth of Your Business?

    According to a survey by Bank of America, 60% of small businesses plan to grow their business over the next five years. This is fabulous news about the state of our economy and should have business owners and entrepreneurs feeling good. I know that this means great things for my consulting practice since an often overlooked […]

  • The Replacement Manager

    As a newly hired manager, inheriting a new team can be challenging. You face many obstacles. What is a new manager to do? First, breathe…. You are not the first to face this challenge. You must muster up the confidence that those who hired you in the first place knew what they were doing when […]

  • What Is Preventing You from Reaching That Goal?

    You are constantly seeking ways to bring more value to your organization. A new product line, a new marketing campaign, or a new customer success strategy. Once you have determined the goal, the next step is to assemble a team who can put a strategy together and execute your plan. A team must be diverse to succeed. Structuring project […]

  • Business Process Improvement Consulting Services in Raleigh

    Business Process Improvement Consulting Services in Raleigh

    We are able to quickly come up to speed on your unique business and streamline outdated processes. Our methods to customize BPI (Business Process Improvement) are based on your greatest return on investment. Business Consulting Process Utilizing the ExecDirect methods for business process consulting ensures that the focus is on the operational units in your […]

  • The Four P’s In Business

    We bring all the pieces of your company together to solve complex business issues. People Development A great company starts with good people: they are the face of your business. Your employees, agents, and partners are the ones who represent your business. They are on the front lines interacting with prospects, clients, and vendors. We […]