The Four P’s In Business

We bring all the pieces of your company together to solve complex business issues.

People Development

A great company starts with good people: they are the face of your business. Your employees, agents, and partners are the ones who represent your business. They are on the front lines interacting with prospects, clients, and vendors.

We use our proprietary methods to truly understand how people in your organization are scoring in the most critical areas of your organization such as marketing, sales, and customer interaction. We deliver our findings to you along with our recommendations to affect change.

The soul of your company is people—they influence your company’s culture. Being able to observe interactions from the outside allows us to describe your current environment in a way that someone inside your organization would not necessarily see. Our process can help you define, enhance, or change your company’s culture.

Product Perspectives

Pride of your product and services is the foundation on which you base your entire company. You strive to ensure your products and services are meeting the needs of your customer. Your retention metrics only tell the title of the story. You need real communication by unbiased parties to understand how you can make your products and services stickier and more relevant to the everyday lives of your customers. We help you engage better and receive relevant feedback.

Having an “outsider’s” view of your product allows us to ask those questions in a way a new prospect or client might not. Too often gaps in the sales communication process can be left for the Product team to scramble to clean up. This methodology only results in dissatisfied client engagements. These numbers will eventually show up in your retention statistics. Our unbiased view provides a clear perspective on those areas of your products and services that the sales team has learned to “sell around”.

Process Improvement

The efficiency of work-output is something all businesses consider in their early growth stages. The value of doing tasks in the most timely manner is very important to profitability. However, as a business evolves and grows, its processes and procedures rarely grow along with it. The reason is simply most businesses in growth-mode are also in firefighting-mode. At this exciting juncture, most are experiencing typical but severe growing pains. Most business owners and upper management staff simply do not have the bandwidth to go back and assess procedures. Time restraints force them to review everything from a high-level perspective. The habit of doing this can be damaging to efficiency since decisions about task management are not always fleshed out or are left to an employee who does not have any incentives in driving profitability. We can offer a fresh perspective on how tasks are being completed. We provide a balanced approach to task management and resource allocation.

Profitability Performance

Your business must be profitable to support its mission, its vision, and its goals. Some of the biggest returns on investment in a business can be overlooked or some of the ways in which a company manages the day to day operations can be a waste of resources. We bring an approach to profitability that an accounting team can not.

the 4 p's in business