My Sales Manager

The My Sales Manager Program offers scalable sales-management and sales-force optimization services that are designed for the start-up business that is bootstrapping and/or crowdfunding. Our services are designed to scale with you as you grow. This is the most cost-effective way to implement an effective sales program for your new business.

In the early stages of a company’s development, the entrepreneur themselves will play many roles, including sales and sales management. These roles and their activities are often the least favorites of most entrepreneurs, however, they are the most crucial. If managed properly, these activities can infuse revenue, lay a foundation for future growth, and ramp a company faster than any other activity.

Stage 1 Sales Consulting/Coaching for the Entrepreneur provides the tools, structure, and support to help you accomplish more. We help you identify your goals and milestones for growth results. Coaching and consulting helps you identify how to maximize your efforts and gain the most ROI.

We guide you all the while, building upon your own core strengths, which translates into sales success. Understanding your individual style and work preferences allow for the development of a clear sales strategy that is tailored to the individual business owner and the markets you are developing.

Start coaching with us today to grow at a more rapid pace and make the journey less strenuous.

Once the business owner is generating revenue from their own sales, it is time to start thinking about the future of sales for the company. At this stage, the business owner must ensure their brand story and sales messaging are aligned and optimized for sales success. They also must ensure they are meeting the brand promises that they have made to their customers. Instituting this process will lay a foundation of consistent and intentional messaging for customer success and future sales-hires.

Stage 2 Alignment with marketing is the key to sales enablement. We help you create sales strategies that will integrate with your marketing plan. Our process helps you craft sales messages that ring true with your unique brand story. Together we will uncover your customer’s buying cycles and create sales funnels that can boost your marketing and lead generation efforts with additional insights.

Stage 3 A sales guide is extremely valuable for your growth plan. It is an effective and efficient way to ramp a sales team, especially in those early years of a company. Capture all of your current sales and business development data so that it can be used as a guide for future sales employees. We sample all of the business development tasks and forecast our own results. These data points can be added for an accurate forecasting modeling and will be included in your sales guide. Knowing what outcomes are expected from specific tasks and activities will help you ramp sales employees faster and help you forecast more accurately.

Stage 4 Business owners often find themselves at a point where the daily operation of running a company takes up much of his or her time. These tasks get in the way of pipeline development and closing sales. When this occurs, it is an appropriate time to hire an outside resource to take on that business development/sales role. Hiring for sales is unique from other types of hires and is vital to sustaining business growth.

When the time comes for you make that first business development/sales hire, we will be there to assist you. The My Sales Manager program expands to help you locate, interview, and hire the best fit resource for your business. We work closely with you to write an accurate job description and assist you with ad placement. This includes screening applicants, conducting the first interviews with candidates, and sitting in on subsequent interviews.  We lead the internal evaluation team and build an onboarding process to get a new hire up to speed right away.

Stage 5 Once your new hire is employed, we take on the role of a traditional sales manager, saving you the headache of dealing with the weekly sales management tasks of onboarding, training, motivating, coaching, and reporting on activity. In addition, we shadow the new hire, coach them, and ensure they have a firm grasp of your documented sales strategy. We help them succeed in their position. Measurement and accountability reporting is implemented to ensure they are on track to hit revenue targets. We report these results to you on a weekly basis.