About the Team at ExecDirect

ExecDirect Business Consulting helps companies in the two to ten million dollar range realize their goals. We help executives increase revenue, shape its company culture, and refine existing business process.

Tap into our business experience growing revenue, creating company cultures, and increasing productivity.

We use the latest methodologies along with proven business approaches to:

  • gain an unobstructed vision of the goal.
  • understand motivations.
  • assess business operations.
  • position in the industry/market.
  • get to know the people who represent you in every facet of your business.
  • align all the above.

Alignment is what makes us unique from any other business consulting firms. We look at your business as you do; as a single entity that has lots of moving parts. Those parts must fire synchronously in order to make your company run smoothly.

When a company misses its growth target it’s a symptom of something that is unrealized or unanticipated. We assist by viewing all of your operations clearly, then we bring all the facets together to help the business achieve its full potential. If a business is a vehicle that takes you to desired destinations than you need a vehicle to be operating on all cylinders, riding smoothly, with the right alignment. With ExecDirect you will reach your destination faster and with greater returns on investment.

It starts with a deep dive into your existing business to understand the core competencies and synergies that make your products and services unique in the marketplace. We unpack the things that are working well and what you think could be improved.

During our assessment period, we blend in with your staff to observe and document our experiences, learning your business from the inside out by those who are completing the various tasks that make up your current processes. Insights are utilized to pinpoint unknown areas for improvement.

Our discoveries are discussed in confidence with you and we will offer insight into the impacts that they have in relation to your growth potential, bottom line, and overall business strategy. We then set a benchmark and ideate how to move that needle in terms of deliverables.

Why We Do This

Some businesses take pride in simply developing a great product.
Some companies showcase how productive their outputs are.
Some go to great lengths to invest in their employees.

We believe that in order to have a vibrant, sustainable business you must meet all of the above criteria. We call this the 4P Process where a holistic approach of People, Product, Process, and Profit are the instruments for healthy standards.

We have worked in and for businesses that do many of these well and some that needed improvement in one or all of these areas. One thing was clear regardless of the engagement, we were able to make measurable, sustainable results.

Business is in our blood we only think in terms of what can make your company better. If your business is in the two to ten million dollar revenue range and you want to ensure you reach your objectives, engage with us today—We can help!

When Is A Good Time To Engage With Us?

So you are thinking about having a conversation with us but you maybe are not sure it’s the right time. I can assure you that if you are thinking you should connect with us, you should.

Clients who have been the most successful with us are those who are forward-thinking and engage us in their early growth stages or those who are planning to be in a growth mode. This is because they are not yet dealing with all the new challenges that come with the luxury of a growing business. We are able to get out ahead of many of those issues to keep their company on a steady climb. 

If you are a start-up we are a great alternative to hiring a manager as we can scale to meet your particular business needs.

If you are already in firefighting mode—do not wait a minute more—we can help.